What do we do in the tirazhe print?

Creative and technical design

Creative and professional design tailored to customer and market needs, and perfect for printing with the best output and quality at the lowest possible cost

Material selection

Material selection advice tailored to the product offered and cost-effective server support

High quality production and service

Production and delivery of print services under the supervision of professional and experienced staff, relying on technical knowledge, executive experience and advanced machinery

Project implementation steps

  • Meet & contract
  • Idea & Design
  • Production & Services
  • Packaging & Delivery

Meeting customer and sales professionals for needs assessment, pricing of goods and services, pre-invoice issuance and cooperation contract

Consulting, designing and designing to suit the needs of the customer and methods of the world by printing and packaging team of creative and trained designers and skilled technicians

Start production of product and provide services with the most advanced machinery and technicians under the supervision of technical and quality control

Proper packing and according to customer’s needs and delivery of goods as soon as possible and in accordance with the principles of packing safety

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